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I very much enjoyed a lovely poem on Jonathan Carroll's blog today.

The poem also encapsulates what I really like about the class I'm taking right now. It's an easy class, by far the easiest I've taken in my never-ending journey to get an MS on one night a week, and it's also the most enjoyable. The professor lectures off the top of his head, with nothing more than a one-line template: "What's our topic for today? Ceramics? All right, let's talk about ceramics." And off he goes, a stream-of-consciousness flow onto the dry-erase board. It's all born out of experience; he's had an entire career in the packaging field, and when describing various fabrication techniques, he throws in offhanded comments like "but sometimes you could really burn yourself if you weren't careful." The class is in the middle of the week and late at night and I would much rather be on the couch zoning out in front of the TV, but I really do feel I'm getting something out of the experience by just being there -- a statement that I cannot honestly apply to some of the other classes I've taken.

In other news, my current lunchtime reading is Who Hates Whom, a collection of snapshot portraits of woefully unfortunate places to be. (We bought it awhile back, I think on [livejournal.com profile] cheetahmaster's recommendation; I'm taking another stab at it.) I'm currently learning about various utterly horrible African conflicts, in which the populace is buffeted this way and that by greedy dictators, child armies, and drug gangs, and life expectancy hovers around forty years. It makes my lunch break seem surreal. While I sit in my cubicle, eating chili and crisp green salad and clicking idly around on the internets, people on the other side of the world are scrabbling to stay alive.

That sort of thing does remind you to appreciate the moment.
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