Dec. 5th, 2009

The first snow of the season is falling outside. It started out as wet clumps of snow mixed with rain, and now it's all snow, sticking to the grass and tree branches. It's not the first snow I've seen this season -- our trip to Denver last month took care of that -- but it's the first snow I'm seeing from my living room window, so it feels like winter has finally come.

I love this time of year. I love wearing hats and scarves, drinking mulled cider or hot chocolate, wearing big fuzzy socks against the chill. Cooking in winter is the best, too: hearty soups that fill the house with savory smells, or roasts that take hours in the oven, warming the kitchen.

And of course there's the time with family. We had both sets of parents and siblings over for Thanksgiving, and crammed twelve people into our living/dining room area; K's deep-fried turkey was met with praise, and my turducken roulade was admired too, though people ended up mostly asking for the duck. I'm looking forward to the Christmas holiday, and seeing relatives over the break.

Another holiday tradition: Camerata had a retirement home gig. )

All right, now to try to extricate another squirrel from the fireplace. This one's patient; we've opened a gap for him but he hangs back, unwilling to make a break for it. We've shut him up again and maybe he'll be more desperate to escape next time.


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