One of our big problems last year was finishing all the vegetables from the CSA share in time for the arrival of the next week's share. Last night we made it under the wire; K made ceviche for dinner, so I threw together a quick salad of romaine and radishes (raw radish for K, butter-braised for me), and prepped broccoli to take to lunch.

It was our first time making ceviche; K came up with the idea, since we had an overabundance of limes and it seemed appropriate. I juiced something like ten limes; he added chopped green onions and garlic and added just a bit of Chinese chili sauce. Then he stirred it with slices of tuna and tilapia, and popped the mixture in the fridge; in just the time it took to wash and chop the veggies, the fish had turned opaque and wonderfully tangy. Who knew it would be so easy? I'll definitely ask him to make it again.

cut for listing of CSA stuff and what was done with it )

The potatoes remain uneaten, but those can keep for awhile longer. I'm looking forward to this week's haul. Rumor has it that we might get Russian Red Kale, which I haven't tried before; I'll probably do the blanch-and-saute with the leaves, like normal kale. It's a pity kale stems are basically useless. I could save them for stock... but I generally end up throwing them out. We really should set up some sort of composting arrangement.


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