The wedding of JP and CF (now CP) was in a beautiful old Catholic church in Toledo, a stone building with tall stained glass windows and a high domed roof. Faded paintings of saints and angels decorated the walls and ceiling, and the wooden pews were smooth with age and creaked with every movement. It was a lovely, elegant setting for the wedding.

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It's been a while since I followed a TV series as enthusiastically as Lost. Mostly I've been watching formula shows, Good Eats or House or what have you, where it doesn't really matter if you skip an evening. Lost, on the other hand, really rewards you for watching each episode.

For the season finale, we went to a party at K's coworker's place. K made Hawaiian chicken and hoisin pork kabobs for the occasion; others brought shrimp, macadamia nut brownies, and pina coladas. The season finale was as creepy and odd and teasing as one could possibly have wished for, and filled the two hours without a hitch.

It was a fun evening. Not only did K's coworker have HDTV (and omigod the difference; I could count every hair of Sawyer's scruff), but she also had two friendly cats and a medium-sized child, the latter of which protested vehemently at being told to go bathe in the middle of the episode. He ran to the shower at the beginning of a commercial break, and came back slightly damp and not much cleaner. His mother let it slide. Fortunately, he didn't miss too much.
whoops, almost forgot to say that the 5th annual DC Dragonboat Festival is taking place this weekend. I will be rowing with the East Rising Dragonboat Team, and my sister will be the drummer. If you stick around long enough, you'll even see East Rising do some Lion Dance. They're a fun crowd, and very acrobatic. If you're in the Georgetown-Kennedy Center area of DC this weekend, come on down and cheer us on!

(Last year, I invited people to "wait in breathless excitement for someone to fall into the Potomac." I was joking, but it actually did happen; high winds came up and capsized a boat full of 250-lb rugby players, some of whom were apparently a bit tipsy (ha, tipsy). Pretty amusing. Not to knock the rugby players, mind; they did so well one year that they got invited to Taiwan. But hopefully there won't be any mishaps this year. Besides, most of the boats tend to be full of light, skinny Chinese.)

Anyway, it's a good time. There's also a lot of Chinese cultural stuff, food and merch stands, etc. And of course it's always fun to watch the boats race.
Now that we're on the verge of this weekend, maybe I'll have time to write about last Saturday? All week I've been forcing myself to bed early (11PM) to wake up early (5:30AM) so that I can go to work early (7AM) and get out early (5PM) in order to get more daylight time in the evenings. I'm finally adjusting to it, after an entire week of feeling off-balance.

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous, one of Maryland's few breathless perfect spring days. (Here we tend to skip over spring and dive right into a long hot summer.) Saturday morning: blue sky, bright sun, and breezy weather, not an ounce of humidity. K and I got up early and started the day by driving down to Alexandria.

I-295S. Crate&Barrel outlet. )Torpedo Factory. )Richard III. )

The evening's entertainment was in Annapolis, so we swung up to Laurel and picked up [ profile] paleotheist, then headed east.

Annapolis. )Vienna Teng. )Chocolate oblivion. )

Spring weekends really are the best.
What a beautiful day! It's breezy, sunny, blue sky and little white puffy clouds... the house is vacuumed and the turtle tank is clean, and the cat has been given treats and is currently splattered in a sunbeam. K has gone to his place to set up the grill. All is right with the world. Well, my world, anyway.

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The Smithsonian Folklife Festival this year features Oman, the Forest Service, and Food Culture USA. The heat on Sunday was oppressive, but we spent most of our time in the shaded displays off to one side of the Mall.

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May. 26th, 2005 05:35 pm
I will be paddling in the DC Dragonboat Festival this weekend (rain or shine, unless there's lightning). Visit the website for details.

My sister and I will be in the East Rising team, which will be racing at 11:20am Saturday and 8:12am Sunday; further race times are dependent on how well we do in the initial heats. Those who do not have other plans for Memorial Day weekend are welcome to come cheer us on and/or wait in breathless excitement for someone to fall into the Potomac.
This coming weekend, the Stone Ridge Used Book Sale will be in Rockville. Go if you can; it's huge and wonderful. I like to go the first day for quality and the last day for quantity. Books at $10/bag: can't beat the price.

Amusement of the day: Words you should know when going in for A-level Biology.

Oh, and don't miss out on the Unitarian Jihad.
Who's up for a walk down the C&O Canal? 8 miles, Saturday morning, April 9th, refreshments provided; should be done before lunchtime.

Mom roped me into walking it last year. Her friend Debbie has a daughter with MS, so they're really into this MS Walk thing. It was lots of fun. I'll happily donate to the cause, but for me, the real draw is in the walking. I don't generally get to walk a lot, and the canal is gorgeous.

Mom and I are going again this year. Anyone interested in coming with, send me an email.
I am deeply grateful to N for holding his Lord of the Rings extended-edition marathon. Such a great experience - lovely big screen, with a wonderful surround sound system (though Nazgul screams that sound like they're coming from a spot directly behind one's left shoulder are kind of disorienting). I was amazed at how much the movies gained from being seen all strung together. The themes became a lot more cohesive, the words and actions better justified. And since I had already made my peace with my nitpick points, I was just able to sit back and enjoy.

Kudos also to N and K2 for getting the movies all played within a thirteen-hour period, even including pauses for dog walks, bathroom breaks and pizza. The efficiency was amazing.

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