not pr0n!

May. 17th, 2005 10:40 pm
Anyone want to geek out about not pr0n with me? I've gotten to level 10.
Robots is a decent movie, cute and v. predictable, message clear as day: you're quite special just the way you are, etc. Rather disturbing relationship between the main villain and his mother, but enough shenanigans by Robin Williams' character to distract me. I particularly liked the Rube Goldberg element; there's a domino theme throughout the movie, and I really loved the transport machine that took five minutes and myriad dizzying changes of direction to deliver two reeling robots to their destination.

After hearing me burble about Rube Goldberg, K was kind enough to send this link:

Go to
-- Click on Music
-- Click on the Video link next to "An Honest Mistake"
-- Then it should pop up.

Click. Really. It's worth it.

In other news, I've been going to NASA's Eyes on the Sky lectures over at Goddard. Today's was essentially a Hubble slide show but the first few were much more technical; they've been catching me up with current theories, cosmic strings and dark energy and the like. (Apparently we've learned a lot more about the universe in the last ten years; my high school education is unsettlingly out of date.) The scientists are peering into the stuff that forms our universe, working backwards to root causes. Cosmologists are a strange breed; they think nothing of saying things like "our galaxy was probably formed out of a quantum fluctuation during the Big Bang. Lucky accident for us, eh?"

They seem so cheerful at the thought. Me, I have to fight off the existential dread.
Keyed up, perhaps due to ill-advised mochalatte after dinner. Middle of the night, even the cat is asleep, and I'm wide awake. Normally I would be reading, but St Augustine's Confessions isn't quite soothing enough at the moment. Instead, I shall post poetry.

[ profile] something [ profile] there [ profile] is [ profile] that [ profile] doesnt [ profile] love [ profile] a [ profile] wall,
[ profile] that sends [ profile] the [ profile] frozen-[ profile] ground-[ profile] swell [ profile] under [ profile] it,
[ profile] and [ profile] spills [ profile] the [ profile] upper [ profile] boulders [ profile] in [ profile] the [ profile] sun,
[ profile] and [ profile] makes [ profile] gaps [ profile] even [ profile] two [ profile] can [ profile] pass abreast.

-- [ profile] from [ profile] mending [ profile] wall, [ profile] by [ profile] robert [ profile] frost

(lj-poke yanked from [ profile] chresimos)

...what, except for "sends" and "abreast" they're all livejournals? Even the little tiny words like "is" and "in"? Geez, people have to be more inventive with their usernames.


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