K went out drinking with his boys and I've been left alone for a good chunk of the evening: 2600 words typed out and saved. I'm definitely having fun this year. I've created characters with some interesting faults, which means I have plenty of ammunition for plot details. And I'm having much better success in keeping myself from doing any revising (last year's giant weakness). That's for December.

It's early days yet, though. We'll see how I'm doing in week 2. Besides, I might not have time in December to do any editing at all... cut for personal stressors )

Besides, I have over 9600 words to my credit so far, and they're even mildly coherent. So: booyah. :)

edit: 12:08AM and the boys are back; the kitchen is full of tall guys holding beers vodka sprites straight vodka (oh dear) and talking in cheerful loud voices. I will probably have to drive someone home. I think the writing is done for the night.
Currently posting from K's cousins' place in San Jose. It took a while for us to figure out how the Apple laptop liked to communicate with the wireless network, but K's programmer cousin happily tackled the problem until we finally managed a connection last night.

trip report, in which we eat. and drive up the coast. and eat. )
Posting from my aunt's internet setup, which consists of a laptop hooked up to one of those split-in-half "natural" keyboards. This means that the screen is kinda small, the mouse is the small button in the middle of the laptop keyboard, and the keyboard I'm actually using is huge and set back from the laptop. Feels like I'm playing on the bottom half of an organ. And looking at very small sheet music.

report so far )


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