Excerpted from an email to my mom, who reads magazines in the bathroom: I keep magazines in the bathrooms but they're mostly for guests. I read books in the bathroom. (I have an upstairs book, a downstairs book, and a portable book. I only read the upstairs book when I'm upstairs or in the upstairs bathroom; similar with the downstairs book; the portable book gets read at work and when K is driving. If I read more than three books at a time, then the system gets messed up.)

So I just finished my portable book, Susan Sontag's The Volcano Lover. I picked it up at a used book sale, unaware that it was actually historical fiction based on a real-life love triangle. (I would probably not have read it, knowing the background; historical fiction usually kind of annoys me, unless Shakespeare is doing it.) more on the book... )

Verdict: Good, but I won't read it again. If I find another Sontag novel for under $5, though, I'd probably pick it up.
Had a very productive Independence Day weekend; K and I (mostly K) replaced the rotting trim on my bay window, and I did some cleaning. Although I felt ill on Tuesday we still managed to make it out to J's rooftop to watch the fireworks, which were absolutely splendid.

Today's highlight so far was the arrival of the new Allied catalog, with the following text on the cover: "Buying Allied parts will save you money and bring you peace of mind, but won't save any money on your car insurance."

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight; K and a bunch of his coworkers are celebrating his birthday by gorging at Todai. Trust me, it's worth the drive out to Fairfax. Even in rush hour. (Thank goodness K's birthday has finally arrived. He's been calling me "old" for the past month.)

cut for Hugo meme )
Back from Canada (obviously). Got to sleep as late as I wanted for the first time since Christmas break; absolutely luxurious. Am now in the midst of doing multiple loads of laundry at K's place; his basement is cold, so I like to blanket myself with clothes fresh from the dryer before I fold them. Mom used to take dryer loads and dump them over my sister and me when we were smaller. Now I do it to myself and the cat. The cat loves it.

I'm trying to keep notes on Ulysses as I read, for fear that the entire "novel" will resolve into an incoherent mess in my head. Chapter 1-6 were being read on the plane and so I didn't really stop to record impressions... but from 7 onward I figured I'd try to keep track of reactions. Heavy reliance on this synopsis, which I'm using to try to make sense of it all.

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I've had the running nano creation up on the upper right side of my screen for so long now, the screen looks empty without it.

I have too much to read. Today I had to return two of [livejournal.com profile] paleotheist's books (4 and 5 of Kate Elliott's Crown of Stars series) because she wanted to reread them and I'd had them for at least two months. But I really couldn't get to them (though I fully intend to - at some point). November has crowded my plate; I've started books without finishing others. Here is the list, in order of when I started them:

list of in-progress books, with commentary )

There just isn't enough time.


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